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4HG Summer Camps

Registration is in full swing for the 2020 4HG (For His Glory) Summer Camps.  We understand that you might be hesitant to register your child based on the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19.  We want you to know that you can register with confidence!  If for any reason the 4HG Summer Camps must be cancelled, you will receive a full refund.  Click HERE for more information and to register your child!

4HG Mission

4HG (For His Glory) is a movement to create a healthy sports culture in our Catholic schools. We believe athletics, when done right, serve as an invaluable tool for developing well-rounded children.


 In grade school, students should be encouraged to play all sports. 4HG will equip coaches to ensure kids have fun and get better while keeping a Christian focus. Effort and teamwork are valued above talent and results. 4HG reinforces that the family is central and sports should fit around the family, not vice versa. 4HG will aid principals in the mission of cultivating excellence within their students. The 4HG program will boost the visibility of Catholic schools and be an asset in growing enrollment.

When sports are used For His Glory, our kids will embrace the Good in Sports.

4HG athlete prayer

My Jesus,

I play for Your glory.

Win or lose, may I always do my best and remember that my worth is always found in you.  

Holy Spirit, play through me.


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