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Powered by Catholic Schools Center of Excellence and funded by Catholic United Financial, 4HG would not exist without the support, encouragement, and financial sponsorship of its partners.  Please take a moment and learn more about each of these outstanding organizations and the stellar work they do for 4HG and the community at large.  Thanks to their belief in our mission and goal, we are making strides in creating a healthy sports culture in Catholic schools!

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We have a history of supporting Catholic schools because we believe knowledge brings the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our children, in our faith and in the communities we serve. The impact can be life-changing. We are committed to being an active supporter of Catholic schools and amplify the resources needed to sustain and grow Catholic education. We do this by:

  • Raising over a million dollars for Catholic education annually through the Catholic United Financial Catholic Schools Raffle.

  • Awarding scholarships to individual members pursuing post-secondary education.

  • Providing technology grants to fuel faith-based educational opportunities.

About Catholic United Financial

Catholic United Financial is a not-for-profit fraternal life insurance company. We transform our profits from the sale of life insurance, annuities, Medicare Supplement Health Insurance and retirement products into programs that support and amplify the Catholic community’s ability to thrive and grow. We transform profits into purpose by:

  • Promoting local volunteerism and community building activities.

  • Raising over one million dollars annually for Catholic education.

  • Providing grants to fuel faith-driven events and organizations.

  • Awarding scholarships to members pursuing post-secondary education.

  • Responding to natural disasters in the communities we serve.

Why partner with 4HG? 

Created over 141 years ago, Catholic United Financial was the original safety net for those in need or who experienced a loss of a loved one. By banding together, a small group that shared a common bond pooled their resources to help families in their community.  It is that foundation of people helping people that is the basis of why we support Catholic schools and have become a lead partner with 4HG program. We are sincere in supporting 4HG because their mission aligns with ours. Helping our Catholic schools improve the culture and focus around athletics to be more about fun, effort and teamwork is a worthwhile and much-needed endeavor that deserves our support. To learn more about Catholic United Financial please visit our website!

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Catholic Schools are caring. Catholic Schools are community. Catholic Schools are known for academic excellence and celebrated for instilling core values that children carry with themselves all their lives, Catholic Schools are the moral pillar of the towns in which they stand.

At the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence, our job is simple – make sure that pillar remains standing. To do this, the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence, a nonprofit organization, has developed a two-part mission: to help Catholic elementary schools achieve and maintain excellence while increasing student enrollment.

Our approach is to share innovative ideas, sound business practices, proven strategies and financial resources to help meet each school’s specific business, academic and spiritual goals. We believe that this approach will help our schools become self-sustaining for years into the future and most importantly Catholic Schools will help our children become leaders, who will make the world a better place! To learn more about the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence, please visit our website!

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